My Weight Loss Journey

Monday, November 8, 2010

Week 5....

As I begin week 5 post surgery I have to admit it seems like I have had the band longer... Maybe this is due to the icky pre surgery shake diet? 

I am really struggling emotionally with a variety of issues, its like that analogy of the plate, You have 'stuff' on your plate and then there is something else added and then something else and then there is one BIG thing that just breaks the plate completely and everything 'falls off'...

I am getting loads of attention from the opposite sex and I thought I would be ecstatic about this but I'm not, I really don't feel like I have the energy for a man!! Argh I never thought I would say that.....

I am seeing the surgeon in 2 weeks for my first fill, I am really nervous about it as I really hate chucking and I am afraid there might be some icky PB's after the fill... I think I am still loosing although I have been a bit unwell this week so have not made it to the Gym, however I have been on a few BIG walks over the weekend. I mowed the lawn today (naughty) and subsequently passed out twice... I am off to the GP on Thursday as I have been having menstrual issues since the surgery, My regular GP says its stress but I don't know so I'm off for a second opinion... I think I'm low in iron... I feel run down and sluggish and really awful, I have no energy and am really emotional, as in just look at me and I'm a blubbering MESS!!

Argh there is just SO much going on at the moment and I would normally placate this mess with a big piece of chocolate cake but I cant even have a small mouthful.... I really don't regret the surgery but I'm feeling frustrated by the restrictive diet...

I went online last week and did some research into recipes for post banding and was pleased to find a book titled - "Knife, Fork and Band" which was written by a dietitian in conjunction with banded patients to create a book suitable for all stages post banding and are also suitable to serve up to the family!! So there is no need to make 2 meals... I can't wait for it to arrive!!

I went through my wardrobe this week also and was able to get out all my BIG clothes, It was very liberating and satisfying!! I also went to Target and was ecstatic that I could put on clothes from the normal range and did not have to go to the PLUS sized section... Also having many compliments helps you feel more motivated to keep at it...

So all in all a very up and down week...... I am just hoping and PRAYING that thing will start picking up in my personal life and I can start enjoying my new changing body!!


  1. Hey that book sounds great!

    I found that once the weight started coming off you find layers of emotional issues you'd stuffed down with food.

    There is more there to deal with that we initially realise.

    You're doing fantastic Em.

  2. Good work on all the loss Em! Looking forward to seeing you again this Saturday, hopefully you can just let you hair down and relax a little. Its been 3 weeks since I last saw you, so there will be a big (or little should I say) change again!
    See ya soon, Jo!

  3. You are doing great em, and if you have been having ladies issues for a few weeks there is a huge chance that you are low on iron... that in itself makes u feel tired, sluggish and emotionally sensitive (I know all about having low iron!!) So keep ur chin up em, and plod along at a steady pace and you will get there xxxxx love Amy d.

  4. aww awesome stuff em, well ok, not ALL of it is awesome but ur making so much progress, ill come see u when i get back!!! xo

  5. Hi Em. I felt the same as you in the early stages post op - really low in energy but it passes once you get further along in the solid food phase. My clinic recommends that book Knife, Fork, Band. I think I will try to get it. I've only had one fill so far and haven't had any PBing. YOu've just got to be careful at first like you were post op and then you get the hang of it.

    I am jealous about the attention from the opposite sex! I am so hoping that my band helps in that department. I have been single way too long.

    Keep up the good work.


  6. I think it is pretty normal to have a low spot at this point. The excitment of the surgery is behind you and now reality is settling in that you'll still have to do the work. It gets better! Once you get good restriction, it is pretty easy to follow a reasonable food plan. I seldom want to overeat anymore. Maybe a couple of times a month.

    Although everyone is different, I haven't really changed my food and eating that much. There are no foods that I cannot eat. I eat the same foods I ate before the surgery, just much smaller quantities. I've always tried to eat helthy foods most of the time. I refuse to eat sugar free and low fat stuff. I think real food is much more satisfying than chemically treated foods. I eat regular butter, cream in my coffee, full fat cheeses, etc. I've lost 92+ lbs. since February and have just 8 lbs. to go!