My Weight Loss Journey

Monday, November 1, 2010

Week 4 post surgery.....

So I popped off to the Gym today, for 2 reasons really, One to have a walk on the treaddie and secondly to have a weigh in.... 

And the weigh in went like this... (I really need to get my own scales so I can weigh in the morning) I have lost 2kgs this week... Not alot but still a loss so I have to be happy with this.... 

I have been experimenting with food... Making yummier recipes, that I can puree.... Hmmmmmm

Today I had my first pain after eating... I think this means I ate too fast, not sure, but it hurts like hell.... Does anyone know what I can do for this to ease the pain in my stomach.... I have not had a PB so it is just sitting there hurting......

I must admit I have been a little naughty and had a snack size bit of chocolate.... a few times..... I couldn't help it... I was craving sooooooo BAD..... Another reason for the trip to the gym today... a guilty workout!!

I have been feeling quite down lately, mostly about not being able to have cake, muffins, roast or anything I used to enjoy. At work we make home made saussage rolls and I smell them cooking and I really want one BAD but its not going to happen!! 

ITS FRUSTRATING - I have thought of making some baby ones with chicken mince and grated vegies and NO pastry and pureeing them, but somehow I just don't think it will be the same....

I have had some NSV (non scale victory) this week... Buying a top at Target to wear out and not having to go to the Plus sized section... Wearing Jeans I have not worn since my 5yo was a baby.... Having friends and family coment on how FANTASTIC Im looking..... Wearing clothes that have been a little small, buttoning up a cardigan, not having pants cutting into me and being able to wear socks without getting that cutting in effect around the top - you know what I mean there.... 

Anyway better go now... Thanks for reading and I will post again soon....


  1. Just fantastic and hey, a 2 kilo loss is nothing to sneeze at.. its a loss and they will come - slow or fast. Congrats on doing so well.

  2. ooh I resorted to a small piece of choccy today too. But I managed a quiche today that had a soft base.

    And from what I read elsewhere apparently arms above the head and stretching helps food go down, but not sure as I havent had it.

    Funnily enough I did get pain today, I think it was the exercising as i could feel my band which I havent felt for a week, and it stopped after I stopped exercising!

    2 Kilo's is fine, last week I only lost 1 (then lost 1.5 in two days lol) I don't think at this stage it is highly predictable!

  3. 2KG is a great loss, don't worry about it too much as long as it keeps coming off. I find I can stick to the healthy stuff alot easier if a have a small bit of chocolate every now and then. If I try to stay away completely, I just end up binging on the stuff.

    As for the pain of eating too fast. That is the stuck sensation, and I find the arm stretching and walking around does help a little.

  4. Sometimes drinking coke can move something that is stuck too - it was my surgeon that told me that!!

  5. Thanks Guys... Awesome help and encouragement!!