My Weight Loss Journey

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More of the Beginning......

*Sigh* Well another day over..... I finally got some measuring cups and am now measuring my food out... 1/2 cup serving of dinner, and behold.... I am FULL and still full after an hour....

Spoke with my Dietitian today who has suggested I put Milo in my milk and on my breakfast to keep me full for longer (extra protein or something) and so far today it has worked!! Yay!!

Realised today though I am not really drinking enough... Naughty Naughty..... I just get so focused on the Food intake that I forget I need to drink water also!!

Anyone have any tips to get me drinking more??

Anyway I'm off to get some exercise now....


  1. I'm shocking at drinking water. I've just bought myself a groovy bottle to keep full on the table where I can see it.

    Once you're on solids, one of my most filling foods is baked beans on the soy-lin Burgen bread (as toast). I've changed quite a lot of things I eat - lots more low GI now.

  2. Welcome to banded life AND blogland! I was banded in February and have lost more than 48 kg. Come by my blog. Today's blog is all about what I am doing to lose the weight.